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Latest News
Best receipt for your fantasies! 3D Kink 2.075

Fursona Subculture Fans Unite

Furverted furdom fans can now play with anthropomorphic furry personas to create erotic fandom art and act out your favorite cybersex scenes. Yiff role play as a sexy furry carnivora vixen fox or a submissive bunny rabbit. Let the fur fly and the furry games begin!

Get Cooking in the Kitchen

Our newest recipe for sexual fun is the all new kitchen scene! Have sex on the counter, get fucking really hot over the stove, microwave yourself up a quickie, or if shes a frigid bitch fuck her by the fridge. Get in her kitchen, fuck her with some vegetables, then toss them in a salad or pound some meat and feast on some nasty pussy, the possibilities are endless.

Whats a Chef Without an Apron?

The best kind of course! Were serving up some sex appeal with this little strap on apron which doesnt hide much and has a special place for a meat pounding tool. One good thing about this apron is that its cum stain resistant. Try it on and cook up a storm.

Cooks Need Special Tools

Whip her to a creamy oozy textured frenzy by masturbating her with kitchen tools. Then whisk her away to see if she can handle some anal kitchen tool action. Whatever you do make sure you wash the damn thing off before you whip up your next meal!

Elf Nymphs or Vulcan Sluts

Ever wish there was a sex fairy that could make every fantasy and wish come true? Well this new feature gets you close. Dial in fantastical ears in either Elf or Vulcan style. Either race is sexually insatiable so be careful what you wish for as both these types will crave as much sex as possible once morphed!

New Ball Free Gag Ring

Tired of that gag ball blocking a perfectly good hole to drop a load into? Well now you can have the perfect setup for target practice and endlessly squirt cum to your little hearts desire! Can you say ahhh, and excuse me if Im not mistaken isnt that cum all over your tonsils?

Eyelash Colorizing

Normal to wild day-glow lash color tuning allows you to create your very own freaky or high fashion lash look and color styles. Make your model crazy to realistic with unlimited color selections.

Pierced Men Fuck Hotter

Yes guys dont get as much attention to detail as the girls and some of our kinky stuff doesnt work both ways. Well now you can do your dudes proud with more piercing possibilities. Cant stand the thought of pierced nipples... well better cover your eyes with the blindfold and bend over cause youre a pussy if you cant stand piercing your little old nips!

Tips and tricks:
Copy & Paste for pose positioning
  • Move a pose to your favored position. Right-Click on the pose icon on the timeline and choose "Copy position and rotation".
  • Afterwards just click with the right mouse button on the pose on which you want to assume the position/rotation and choose either "Insert position", "Insert rotation" or "Insert position and rotation".
  • ATTENTION! Assuming the position is only possible if the original positions are identical! The original position is selectable in the menu which is shown after clicking with the right mouse button on the pose icon on the timeline.

Copy & Paste for color values in the Customizer
  • Click with the right mouse button on the color slider and choose "Copy"
  • On the desired slider simply choose "Insert" to assume the value

Minor fixes:

  • Fucking machines are working again
  • After starting the "Fetish Club" within the sequencer you're able to see something instead of a black screen.

Create clones (copies) of any model (up to 100). You can use this feature to create backup copies, to create multiple customizations of the same 'basemodel', or to play with identical twins/triplets.
The "Clone" and the "Delete" a clone button can be found in the "ModelBrowser" window.

Now you can switch between 3 different female skin textures.